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Here's What Happens When Kids
Get To Play Instruments Like Yours

Introducing 'Kick Stand And The Butterflies.' Emmanual, Taffee, Stefan, Fionna, Genus, and Giovani were the first kids we worked with, the kids that inspired the creation of Give Kids Your Instruments. The tracks below were written and performed completely by the kids with very rare adult intervention.

It is a testament to what happens to the effortless creativity kids have. All they need are instruments. We did not teach them music. We did not teach them how to play. We just gave them a place to play and encouraged them to follow their own musical instincts.

This is the result:

Eat His Heart Out

Electrical Fever

With A Bully

Show Me What You Got

I Can Be Anything I Want To Be

Banana Pudding

Watch the kids practice their first song they wrote, 'Eat His Heart Out'


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